Energy Smart – Dry Vent

driventHome ventilation systems use fans to provide consistent ventilation into your home regardless of weather conditions and without any need to open doors or windows. Maintaining good ventilation in your home is critical to the long term health and well being of your family, so having a good ventilation system in place is crucial.

Warm and Dry – Mould and Dam

images-7If your home is plagued with mould, streaming windows, and a damp sticky atmosphere, then our home ventilation system is exactly what you need! Winter condensation is a prevalent issue in New Zealand houses. Combined with good insulation, moisture and stale air is trapped and unable to escape. Furthermore, warm air holds water better than cold air, which may result in sickness during winters when accumulation of moisture in living areas becomes a problem.

Ventilation helps control dampness and improves the air quality within your home by insuring continuous air replacement with the outside. Good ventilation provides comfort by reducing excess moisture accumulation, and reduces the formation of mould, increasing the health of your home environment.

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