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welcomeThese days no one would purchase a car that did not heat during the winter nor had a cooling function for the hotter days. In fact, even air conditioning is fairly standard. So if it’s good enough for the relatively short time we spend in our cars, why not do the same for ourselves in the place we spend most of our day, the family home? With the technology and assistance available to kiwis today, this is no longer a luxury or exclusively for the wealthy. Living in kiwi comfort is achievable and something we’ve helped many kiwi families achieve. We are here to help.

Heat Pumps – High Wall, Floor Consol, Casette

heading4Heat pumps have been identified by ECCA as one of the most efficient forms of heating and cooling available in New Zealand. Heat pumps do not create heat or coolness, but simply move heat from one place to another with the help of refrigerants and air compressors, costing little energy.

Our heat pump systems manage your home environment by distributing hot or cool air evenly throughout your house. Combined with precision control systems not found on other forms of heating systems, you can rest assured that your home is efficiently heated to a temperature suited to your family’s preference. Moreover, our heat pumps are made with state of the art technology, which makes it easy for anyone to operate.

Heat pumps are essential in maintaining a healthy living environment. Filters within our heat pumps remove nasty allergens from the air, improving air quality and reducing the chances of allergy or asthmatic reactions. Humidity in your home can also be diminished/lowered with our heat pump’s drying modes, reducing illness from mould, damp, and cold. A warmer, drier environment has been demonstrated to have a positive effect on health, and proper usage of our heat pumps could mean fewer sick days for your kids and family!

We are proud of our heat pumps’ quality and safety. As heat pumps use no flames or hot surfaces, even young children can safely operate our heat pumps without any danger. We truly believe that our heat pump installation services can improve the health and comfort for your family, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for quotes or additional information!

Wood Burners – Clean fuel

gallery2In the age of modernized heating solutions, wood burners still hold a special place in our heart as the hearth and central gathering place of any home. Wood burners bestow the feeling of radiant warmth to your home that transcends mere heating. Wood burners do not rely at all on electricity, and will therefore work through blackouts and power cuts. Some of our wood burners can also be equipped with an integrated heating system that directly heats your home’s water!

Wood burners are able to use wood as the fuel to bring heat up your home. Unlike traditional wood burners, our modern wood burners are highly efficient, easy to clean, and produce limited air pollution that adheres to the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality.

Wood burners remain the most eco-friendly and inexpensive heating method available today. As trees grow they remove carbon dioxide from the air, which is then released when the wood is burned (or dies and rots naturally), resulting in no net change to the environment. New Zealand has large areas of forestry that are dedicated to being harvested into firewood (and replanted), and thus wood burners are more eco-friendly than most electrical appliances.

Inducted Solutions – Heat Transfer

images-4Why an Air Transfer Kit? Many homes have rooms and spaces that are much warmer or cooler than other places in the house. An Air Transfer Kit provides a low-cost and economical to run way to help warm and cool your home. They are sometimes called Heat Transfer Kits, but can equally move cool air.

It could be a warm north-facing room, a room with a fireplace, or a heated room with high ceilings. Whatever the reason, if there’s excess heat, it can be economically used to heat other rooms in the colder months with a room-to-room Air Transfer Kit.

It could be a south-facing room, a garage or downstairs area that’s cooler than the rest of the house. Whatever the reason, if there’s plenty of cool air, it can be economically used to cool other rooms during the warmer months with a room-to-room Air Transfer System.

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