Energy efficient – Insulation Blankets and Wraps


Is your insulation in an acceptable condition? Are you spending more than you should on heating this winter?

The concept of insulation is simple: keep the outside temperature out and the inside temperature in. This is achieved by creating a thermal barrier that helps retain heat in your home during winter, while keeping heat out during summer.

Recent EECA figures show that as many as 600,000 New Zealand homes are suffering from insufficient insulation. Give us a call for a no obligation assessment and find out how you can save this winter.

Why Insulate – Family Health & Heating Bills

A well-insulated home maintains more consistent temperatures, which reduces the chance of illness from damp, cold, and mould. This could mean fewer sick days for your kids, as your home becomes better equipped to defend your entire family from the unpredictable New Zealand weather.

Insulation also helps you save money for your family! A lack of effective insulation is responsible for major heat loss from our homes, especially during winter, as well as heat gains through the roof in the hot New Zealand summers. A well-insulated home therefore requires less energy to heat and to cool, which decreases electricity charges and saves you from spending unnecessary money!

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